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Hello and welcome to my blog.   Unlike my sister blog “An-opinionated woman”, in which I opine on just about everything, this blog is my political persona, and allows me to indulge in my two passions, opinion and politics.  Like my sister blog, my opinions are based on first-hand experience and knowledge, OR, I’ve carefully researched a subject, from both sides of the aisle.

My politics?  Primarily Republican, having served as a political appointee at the USDA in the Bush I Administration.  But no one should mistake me for a lock-step follower or partisan.  I can be just as harsh on Republicans as I can on Democrats.  And I’ve voted for my fair share of them, too.  I’ve held public office, defeating an incumbent in the process, and served on the local town council for three years.  I’ve worked on state and national campaigns.  Being born and raised in Chicago, with my god-parents Democratic precinct captains, there isn’t much that I haven’t experienced politically.

My philosophy?  Moderate/conservative.  But, as the character Henry Higgins said in My Fair Lady, I’m the sort “who never could, ever would, take a position and staunchly never budge.”

Finally, who am I?  Female, born and raised in a middle-class family in Chicago.  I’ve got those big-city, albeit Midwestern values, which some people may consider either boring and colloquial, or “salt of the earth.”  I was a political science major in college, MBA in grad school, but I strongly value common sense.  I’ve been fortunate to work for in both public and private sector, and my career has taken me all over the world.  I was an expatriate in Moscow for 3 years, before working in Asia and the Middle East.

So this should be an interesting blog.  I welcome all comments.  You can be passionate in your POV, but remember others are reading your words as well, so please be considerate.  To contact me, email

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