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Christie Endorsing Romney — Sanity Prevails within the Republican Ranks (for now)

October 11, 2011
Romney Snags Christie Endorsement

After Christie’s decision not to run for the Republican nomination, I thought I understood his primary reason for not running — his commitment to New Jersey.  Sure, he would have had to put in place a multi-state ground organization faster than you can “multi-state ground etc.” but given what has happened over the weekend at the Values Voter conference, I believe Christie’s unspoken reason is, the Conservative gauntlet vetting process.

Christie’s endorsement has great timing.  I’m glad he’s throwing his weight (no pun intended), supporters, and as he said, his “advice” behind Romney.  After this past weekend with the insulting, distasteful Jeffress ” Mormon cult” remarks, if the Conservative movement within the Republican party continues down this path, Obama can win a second term.  And Christie knows that.  The other Republican candidates, in my opinion, could have firmly responded that Jeffress’ comments have no place in this Republican  presidential race, but didn’t.  It could have ended with a firm collective smackdown.  Shame on them.
No candidate is perfect, and the debate this evening will further cement opinion.  Let’s hope opinion solidifies from an objective viewpoint, because right now, the Republican field is the best news the President’s had so far. 
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